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Pitbull or Chihuahua?
Melinda Schiera   October 19, 2016


Would I rather be a pit bull or Chihuahua? This is an easy answer for me. While both breeds may be known for having a bad temperament, which is just a stereotype, only one is known for their buggy eyes, short stature and entertaining personality. Yes, I’d rather be a Chihuahua.

A Chihuahua can fit where most other breeds, including the pit bull, cannot: small dog carriers, tote purses and even in the nook of your arm! This means that they are often allowed to go places that other dogs cannot. A store clerk may tell you,” You just can’t put them down on the floor.” No problem!

Hotels often have weight or size limits for dogs. Also, it is cheaper for a full-size chihuahua to fly on a plane than it is for a full-size pit bull. Chihuahuas can even fit into the basket of a bike, and go for a nice ride by the sea. I personally like to be able to go places, meeting new people and love being with my family. And I definitely don’t want to be left out.

Just because a chihuahua shakes doesn’t mean they are vulnerable. They just have a high metabolism, and get cold easier. I don’t like to be cold either! I too would shake if I were as small as a chihuahua. Give me a nice sunny day, every day, to sunbathe in, please. If I were a chihuahua, I would find it useful that shaking might tell someone that I need a blanket, to turn down noise hurtful to my ears or that maybe I need just a few more pets and hugs today.

Chihuahuas are one of the healthiest breeds, and have one of the longest expected life spans of any purebred dog – more time to live the life I enjoy with my family and friends. Chihuahuas are also often fiercely loyal to one particular person. I also value loyalty in a friend, and likewise pride myself in being loyal.

Chihuahuas are cute! Even the Chihuahuas that have won the World’s Ugliest Dog contest are still incredibly adorable. Have you seen them?! I know no other dog breed that elicits an “awe!” on every single picture on the internet.

Yes, I’d much rather be a Chihuahua.

*Full disclosure: A Chihuahua named Honey, and a golden retriever named Julie are a part of my family! Honey was my first dog, and if I ever get a tattoo, it will be of her.*


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